The Raven Guard


Space Marines, also known as the Legion Astartes or the Angels of Death, are the elite fighting force of man. Taken as youths, ripped apart, rebuilt and reconditioned, forged into a living weapon, and equipped with the best arms that man can forge. 20 Legions were created by the Emperor of mankind, to lead mankind to their rightful place as masters of the universe, it was the betrayal of 9 of the Legions that tore mans empire apart.

I have always loved the Space Marines, each Legion has its own distinct style and culture, and within that so much creative potential. One of the Legions has always resonated with me more then the others, and that’s the Raven Guard, feared and respected as skilled infiltrators and masters of stealth warfare, the Raven Guard have long served the Emperor as his hidden hand. They are perhaps one of the harder legions to really charaterise, with thier black armour and minimal artistry, but I am hoping to add as much character as I can while staying true to their  background.

The above model is on of the flashier that has been made for the Raven Guard, a Dark Fury, part of an elite group of assault marines who use jump packs to quickly engage the enemy. I extended the models size using plasticard, and bulked up the legs and torso to add more presence, and tried to catch predatory pose, so he resembled the bird they are named for, watching, ready to strike.

The Raven Guard

2 thoughts on “The Raven Guard

    1. The Lost Heretic says:

      Thank you, I tried a variety of poses and settled on this on quite by accident. I’m looking forward to building the rest of his squad.


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