Hunter in the Shadows

The storm builds, it can be felt by all, the pressure in he back of the head, the feeling that something is coming. AIien monstrosities crawl in the shadows, heretics spew their vile rhetoric, and the mutant threaten the very purity of mankind. The agents of Chaos, the dark twist gods who desire nothing but the death of the human race, build their power base. This is no war that can be won by the armies of man, as numerous as they are, instead it requires the most secretive of the Emperors servants, those of the Inquisition. Interrogator Christoph hunts for the shadows, armed with a pistol, sabre and his faith in the Emperor, accompanied by Lucifer, his Cyber Hound, in his never ending quest to secure a future for mankind.

When the storm brakes, humanity will be ready.


Hunter in the Shadows

2 thoughts on “Hunter in the Shadows

  1. The Lost Heretic says:

    Thank you, I’m rather proud of these two. I wanted to keep the Interrigator as muted as I could, I even mixed grey into the brown and red to tie it all together.


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