Power of the Warp

I have spent the last week away from home, giving me time away from modelling and painting, and I must say, it’s been refreshing. I actually have some interesting ideas to develop when I do get back, and a return of the hunger to create.

That does mean I have nothing new this week, so I’ve decided to post a model a built a few months back. I wanted to create a psyker model for my Inquisitors routine. Psykers are dangerous individuals who can harness the power of the warp, potentially, they could destroy worlds with a single thought, but the power is not easily controlled, it can consume a person, turning them made, or worse, making them a doorway for the twisted daemons of the warp to use to break through into our reality.

My Psyker will have been found by the Imperium at a young age, trained, and sanctified to use his power for the good of mankind. His abilities are invaluable to the inquisition.

When I set out making him, I wanted him to be as small as possible, wearing just a basic jumpsuit and carrying minimal gear. After looking at some artwork I decided to scultp an overcoat over the top, which not only helps him fit in with the vibe for the rest of the group, but also gives him a slight him hump back which I think helps give him the appearance of physical frailty. He is equipped simply, a las pistol, almost to big for him to hold, and he’s certainly not skilled to use it, the heal danger is the out held hand, channelling power that could bring even the toughest to their knees.


Power of the Warp

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