It started with a light, small, barley visible, it hadn’t had power in centuries. Soon it was joined by a humming, a heater waking up, its vibrations removed the layer of ice that had built up in the darkness. It was joined by fans, moving the stale, dust laden air, circulating the heat around the room. Power surged into systems that had lain dormant for years, screens flickered on, computers initiated more systems, which, in turn, woke something new, until the room was bathed in a dim yellow light. At the centre of the room, a large machine began to power up, speeding the thawing of the ice, revealing several man sized cylinders.

One opened abruptly, revealing a small individual, more machine then man. His bionic systems operating on ancient instructions, he moved around the room, making sure it was habitual, before allowing his human body to wake. The process took several hours, flesh takes longer to wake then machine, it requires a more delicate process, pumping blood and oxygen to a seemingly dead body. Finally awake, he moved to the machine, which held his master entombed, beginning the slow wake process for one who is almost wholly human.

He gasped for breath, vision blurred, for a second his body thought the waking process. Drugs were pumped into his system, dulling the pain, saving his body going into shock. He could feel blood returning to long unused muscles, the pain slowly drained, leaving behind a dull ache. His legs were weak, he almost fell from his chamber, reaching out to his servant for support. He moved to a nearby chair, resting back against it, he felt the pinch as his servant attached a cables long spike into the base of his skull. Information flowed into his mind, missed history played out, wars, deaths, victories and defeats, and finally the signs, the reason he brought out of his slumber. The process finished, the spike withdrew. He looked to his aide.

“Prepare my weapons and armour, there is much to be done.”

Ok, 4 months without an update, not good. A lot has been happening and I never seemed to find the time to write down some words and post some pictures. Its time to change that. Over the next few days I will try to catch up on what I’m working on, but its basically split over 3 areas. Firstly fantasy related, a Mordheim inspired mercenary war band, and possibly an undead one to. Then, sci-fi my ongoing Inquisitor models, and lastly, DC and Marvel miniatures.

But for now, some pictures of what I have done over the last year, a taster.

Until next time.