Some time in the not so distant past I stumbled upon Hasselfree Miniatures, an awesome selection of models in different styles, full of character and decently priced. I decided to buy an awesome 40mm Chaos Warrioress, which I decided to paint with no modifications, which is quite unusual for me. I got quite far in painting her before I moved, but since then she’s had no further attention. I’m going through a bit of a brush shortage at the moment, one of my own making due to my lack brush care, but really, she is not high on my painting list. When I ordered her I could not resist purchasing another model, who is on the site named as Chipster.

The paragraph of background on the Hasselfree site, has Chipster as the result of a experiment, in fact he is one of several humanoid animals they do. What I really liked about this model is that I could get him ‘space clad’ or in normal terms, naked. Hasselfree release a lot of their models naked, before releasing them clothed. I think this is great, it really gives you the chance to modify and make your own characters. So, I grabbed a very naked man dog.


One naked dog man

The thing is, I didn’t really know what to do with him, so he sat in my bits box for a while. Due to my above stated brush problem I decided to do something with him. Going off the basis that dogs are good trackers, I decided a bounty hunter would be a good fit, but as a he’s an escaped experiment, I want him to have a rough scavenger look. I initially sculpted a loincloth, but I felt this was to primitive, so changed it up for torn shorts. The belt, which still requires detail, can hold pouches, grenades, and the little extra details. On his right arm I’ve made a vambrace and placed two blades on it, but I’m not convinced it works. I’ve also added a scar over his right eye, to try and give a more grizzled look.

Early progress 

I’m also thinking of sculpting some details to the flesh to look like cybernetics, or scars from the experiment that made him. Lastly, I want to give him a large robe, I’m thinking something like a rough Jedi robe, or something as worn by the mercenary Agent Kruger in the movie Elysium. Something to help him move around with out drawing to much attention to him, for the purpose of the model though, I will keep the hood down.


Sharlto Copley as Agent Kruger in Elysium, I love the overlaying robe that compleatly hides the dangerous man underneath.

Chip will hopefully just be the start, I quite like working on some models who don’t really have a pre-existing universe to fit into, allowing me to create my own back story, characters, and motivies. I have no idea where this is going but that’s all part of the fun.

If you have any thoughts or criticisms on Chip, ideas for where to go with him, or anything else, please comment.

Thank you for reading.



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