Dante’s Inferno

Earlier this year I backed my first Kickstarter, supporting Aradia Minatures produce a series of models based on Dante’s Inferno, and my reward came a few days ago.

These models are strictly for display, and I’m in no rush to paint them up, but at the same time, I really can’t wait to get started. Here’s a brief run down what I have.



This was the model that drew me to the kickstarter, the Gorgon, also known as medusa, lies relaxed, her tail wrapped around her victim, whose already turned to stone. One of my favourite myths from the Greek world was Medusa and I think they’ve captured her perfectly.



The boatman who ferries souls across the river Styx. Again there is so much character in this model from the frail looking old man, to the lost souls and demons tearing at the boat.


Paolo and Francesca

The smallest of the models I got, Paolo and Francesca were two lovers whose affair confined them to hell, where they are constantly blown by a whirlwind, that mimics how they let their passions sweep them away. This was a kickstarter exclusive, and I think where I’ll start painting.


As display pieces I plan to make each model a proper display socket to best show them off. In the meantime, I have some other projects in the work, more on that soon.

The Lost Heretic

Dante’s Inferno

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